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  • Clean Cut Shaving

    We are passionate about neatly trimmed follicles... Become immersed in authentic, American style and get acquainted with the guys wielding straight razors — and other sharp pointy things.

  • Vintage Haircuts

    Vintage cuts à la Don Draper are our specialty. Legends is all about pompadours and the sort of greaser-rockabilly styles that rely on copious amounts of pomade. Retro is the new modern.

  • Premium Quality

    Legends Barber Shop is a place where you can step into the perfect period haircut from the 1950's to the modern day as you've always wanted, by people who know what that means to you!

  • A Place For Men

    Guys need somewhere to unwind where men can be men. 
    For the dapper chap searching for an experience like no other look no further.


    If you like a sharp cut that leaves you feeling like a star, then you've come to the right place.  A seat at Legends is based on tradition through the generations. 

    We've got the perfect mix of contemporary vintage.  

    Legends specialise in creating cuts that are timeless which make you feel like an icon from a different era.

    Pull up a chair and get a haircut leaving you re-energised.

    Meet the Barbers